leptospermum burgundy hedge

Does well in light soils. It makes a great sheared hedge. 1/2. These flowers are attractive to bees and other pollinators. Leptospermum lanigerum ( Woolly Tea-Tree ) A fast growing, dense, erect, columnar, evergreen small tree, that is native to southeastern Australia. Escallonia Iveyi. Prune to shape after flowering. Massed white to deep pink blooms Spring and Autumn on cascading branches, and narrow pointed green foliage. Full Sun to Part Shade. It is great for a fast growing screen or hedge, growing to about 4 metres tall and 2 metres wide. LOCATION: Plant in sun or full shade in free-draining soil. … Ideal for light screening or as a feature plant. Can be trimmed to quite a narrow hedge and still be quite dense. Some records include: 20 years - 30 x 17 feet; largest on record - 60 x 20 feet with a trunk diameter of 2.5 feet. 1/3. Add to rock gardens in warmer climates, grow on sunny banks and slopes, where it will thrive in the heat, or line several into an exceptionally drought-resistant flowering hedge. Leptospermum scoparium, commonly called mānuka, manuka, manuka myrtle, New Zealand teatree, broom tea-tree, or just tea tree, is a species of flowering plant in the myrtle family Myrtaceae, native to south-east Australia and New Zealand (including the Chatham Islands). Hardy in most sites that are freely drained and sunny. It has flexible sprays of 1 inch long soft dark olive-green leaves that are flushed dark burgundy maroon. Add to Cart. Classic Krasnotsvetov Manuka meets as often as develops shape, and the main novelties of the last years adorn the delicate white bloom. Shiny dark green leaves with a spreading habit. Leptospermum 'Dark Shadows' - A fast growing spreading shrub or small tree that reaches to 15 feet tall by 20 feet wide. Mulch with organic matter. Always looks healthy. Their flowers are decorated with spots and stains of pink and catchy Burgundy-black eye. A variable shrub to 2 m high, sometimes taller, by 2 m across. It grows to around 3 metres tall and 2 metres wide, making it useful for informal hedging and screening, as well as a contrast shrub for other plantings. Free-flowering, award-winning Leptospermum scoparium ‘Red Damask’ (Tea Tree) is a compact-rounded, densely branched, evergreen shrub with small, aromatic (when crushed), needle-like, deep-green leaves and striking, rich pink-red, fully double half-inch flowers (12 mm) in late spring and early summer. A striking accent, its tufts of very fine-textured foliage bloom brilliantly. 3m x 1.5m. Grows approx. Leptospermum Continentale. Leptospermum Burgundy. USES: Hedging, native and wildlife gardens.From the same species as Manuka tea tree highly prized by beekeepers. Winter and spring bring beautiful double flowers in a deep magenta colour. An attractive tall shrub with burgundy foliage and white star shaped flowers. In addition to the classical forms, there is Terry Leptospermum, flowering which looks even more impressive. The New Zealand tea tree (Leptospermum scoparium) is an evergreen shrub that features small, prickly, needle-like leaves, which are aromatic when crushed.In the early summer, the plant sports showy white, pink, or red blossoms. The lanceolate leaves are about 1 cm .. The bold coloured leaves are useful for cut foliage in flower arrangements. As the name suggests this plant has dark green to burgundy leaves all throughout the year. The branches gently weep, which give a very attractive look. Leptospermum Burgundy is a lovely Australian shrub. Free flowering decorative evergreen shrub. To intensify its presence, group in clusters of three to five. Escallonia "Apple Blossom" Long lived, it can survive well over 100 years. Although attractive in flower, the most stunning aspect of this plant is its foliage. Our stock is 1.6 to 1.8 metres tall and will grow to 2.5 metres plus. Smaller growing hybrid.. Start from $15.95. Leptospermum polygalifolium ‘Copper Glow’ A great hardy plant with beautifully arching branches clothed in copper coloured foliage. Deep watering occasionally in Summer. Freely borne along the stems, the blooms are attractive to bees. Leptospermum 'Burgundy' is a tall shrub with striking burgundy coloured new growth and white flowers. Leptospermum scoparium 'Ballerina' DESCRIPTION: Small open evergreen native tea tree shrub, with dark slender leaves and small double flowers varying in colour from deep plum-pink through to white.

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